travel home-booking company Airbnb may start to accept crypto

Based on the tweet poll, Airbnb may consider accepting payments in crypto for its services.

Because of the increasing demand of crypto and crypto-related services, all other non-crypto Companies are also trying to integrate their operations in crypto only. The latest example can be seen through the American entertainment network company AMC. 

On 5 January, Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb hinted that the company may start accepting payments in crypto for its booking services. However, it is still unclear whether they will work on this initiative or not. 

As per recent suggestions by the users, Brian pointed out the top 6 suggestions. And in those suggestions, the  Crypto payment option was at the top. 

Through another tweet, Brian wrote that crypto payment is inclusive of a variety of token ideas. 

The services of Airbnb are not limited to a country, but this company has its network in multiple countries. To accept payments, Airbnb is using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB as payment methods. 

Besides these payment services, Airbnb is also using wallet services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal. 

Now by considering the crypto-based payment methods, Airbnb may bring more users in its network to avail of its services. Because few countries prohibit foreign payments, that is why crypto may eliminate the boundaries. 

It is worth it to note that, a rival of Airbnb, which is Dtravel, is already giving crypto-based payment methods. Dtravel has integrated its service with and the native token of is TRVL token, which is listed on the Binance exchange. 

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