Twitter CEO Jack joins Bitcoin Lightning Network Project

The Lightning Network, Bitcoin Second Layer Protocol community project joined by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Feb. 5.

Jack participated in the experiment of LNTrustChain named “Lightning Torch” by providing an invoice of 2,860,000 sats for lightning payment and included in the series of lightning transactions chain.

What is LNTrustChain?

It is Lightning Network Transactions Chain in which a user receives the lightning transaction and passes it to the next trusted one by adding the amount of 10,000 sats to the previous transaction.

It is started by an anonymous user on Twitter having Twitter handle @hodlonaut

The Aim of starting this experiment is to increase the use of Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) by the people throughout the world.

Bitcoin Lightning Network is a way of scaling Bitcoin in terms of transaction speed and transaction cost.

Bitcoin Lightning Network able to process millions of transaction per second (TPS) and having a negligible fee. 

Lightning Transaction happened Off the Chain in Second Layer Protocol. 

What do you think about the adoption of Bitcoin Lightning Network, Please Comment below!

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