U.S President Plans To Crack Down Utilization Of Crypto In Ransomware Attacks

The Administration of U.S. president announced their plan to track crypto transactions which are utilized by cyber attackers. And also they Offers $10 million for any authority/organisation/person which can help government authorities.

Cyber attacks are common things in the present time. While Securities & development are at tremendous level but because of a small loop (human error), attackers got success in their intention. Now the U.S president’s administration is taking steps to stop such kinds of activities in their own unique way.

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According to a recent report of Bloomberg, Administration of U.S. president, Joe Biden, is planning to halt online criminal activities with the help of hackers.

As most of the online cyber attackers use crypto payments, they want help from those cyber experts/hackers who can help them to track such criminal activities  transactions.

For this, they offer $10 million bounty reward, who can help to lead law enforcement teams and track such people who are involved in online criminal activities like Ransomware attack & other cyber attacks. Administration wants someone who can help them to create a team to track such activities which are associated with specially Ransomware Attacks activities are welcomed.

This advertisement of $10 million bounty reward for helpers is not official, according to Bloomberg this information was received from an anonymous person who is “familiar with this matter”.

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