VR World announces to accept Shiba inu payments


The largest virtual reality Club in North and South America announced that they will also accept payments in Crypto including Shiba inu coin.

In the crypto space, after Dogecoin, this is Shiba inu meme coin, which grabbed huge attention and also surged in price. However recent 5-6 weeks were not impressive for this meme coin in terms of the price increase, instead, it faced a significant plunge. But Shiba inu grabbed huge support in the crypto and crypto space. 

VR World is the largest virtual reality Club in South and North America. And also it is much popular in America. VR World decided to accept payments in digital assets for its services and goods. 

With the initiative of the crypto payments adoption, VR World announced that it will accept crypto payments including Shiba inu coin as a part of the crypto adoption and attract new customers to increase the sale of the services. 

To bring this initiative into reality, VR World partnered with the crypto payment network firm Bitpay.

The CEO of VR World, Leo Tsimmer, stated this initiative with the consideration of the past initiative of the After-party NFT NYC conference. Leo added:

“After VR World hosted the official afterparty for NFT NYC conference last month, it became clear to us – cryptocurrency has entered everyday life”

Bitpay support for Shiba 

On 9 December, Bitpay announced that it will support the meme coin Shiba inu token. Bitpay said that merchants can accept payments worldwide in Shiba and users can buy, sell and trade Shiba on the wallet app of Bitpay. 

Bitpay is not only the single payment network, which added support for the Shiba but also many payments networks are considering adding support for Shiba. 

A few days back, the Flexa network added support for the Shiba inu coin. 

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