Payment Flexa Network adds support for Shiba inu coin

Gemini- backed payment network firm, Flexa, added support for the Dogecoin killer Shiba inu token.

This year, we saw many crypto projects with unique and different concept ideas but meme coins projects grabbed more attention in the whole crypto industry over other crypto projects. Thanks to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who gave a shoutout to the Dogecoin and also to the Shiba inu token. In the last two months, we saw Multiple crypto-inclined services, which added support for the Shiba inu coin. 

Recently, the Felxa network announced that it will also support Shiba inu coin payment among its users and network like other crypto assets support. 

Flexa is a crypto inclined payment network company and this is in partnership with the Gemini- leading crypto exchange in the US. 

Right now there are more than 40,000 stores in the United States, where merchants are accepting payments through the Flexa network system. 

The initiative of Flexa is to grab huge numbers of the user base on its platform. For this, they are giving a 20% discount also at other platform-based services directly. That can be seen through the tweet 

Shiba getting support but not in terms of price 

Recent past months showed that the Shiba inu coin project got support at global levels like the listing of Shib tokens at multiple crypto exchanges like Kraken, KuCoin, Korbit, and many more. 

And also many techs inclined non-crypto companies adopted Shiba inu payments for example Newegg, Restaurants, Auto dealer companies, AMC entertainment, Bitpay etc.

Even though lots of projects are considering supporting the Shiba inu coin in their services, but the price of Shiba inu coin is getting lower day by day. 

If we compare the current price of the Shiba inu coin over the last all-time high, then it will be down by around 60%. 

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