Walmart plans to install 8,000 Bitcoin ATMs in the US

Walmart planned to install a total of 8,000 Bitcoin Automatic Teller Machine for the crypto users in the United States. However, they installed 200 Bitcoin ATM machines already.

Recently Bitcoin hit a new all-time high with a $67,000 price. And this was part of the indication of how much people have trust with Bitcoin because of Bitcoin futures ETF approval by the securities and exchange commission of the United States. The current situation of trust for bitcoin is forcing all other non-crypto players to go with the Bitcoin adoption.

The biggest retail e-commerce company planned to adopt the mainstream revolution of the bitcoin network. A report from Bloomberg confirmed that Walmart planned to adopt bitcoin through the installation of a total of 8000 Bitcoin ATMs in the United States. 

For the rollout of Bitcoin ATM installation, Walmart partnered with Coinstar and CoinMe.

Coinstar is a coin cashing machine company and CoinMe is a crypto exchange. 

In this initial stage for the rollout of Bitcoin ATM deployment, Walmart installed a total of 200 Bitcoin ATM machines. 

According to the data available at CoinATMRadar, there are 28,000 Bitcoin ATMs in the US at different locations. In these numbers of Bitcoin ATMs, Coin star operates around 4,400 Bitcoin ATMs Kiosks in 33 different states to enable bitcoin purchases. 

Sam Doctor, Chief strategy officer and head of research at BitOoda, told Bloomberg that Bitcoin ATMs are not a new concept & we can find many Bitcoins ATMs but here the initiative of Walmart is to bring adoption for bitcoin and further added

“Walmart expands Bitcoin access to more people, though, and gives it further legitimacy among skeptics, should they roll it out beyond an initial pilot.”

Reports confirmed that Walmart’s plan will not include the transaction of bitcoin instead they will allow the bitcoin ATMs users to create a code with the help of Bitcoin ATMs and that code can be redeemed through CoinMe. And also in the near future customers will not get straightforward options.

Walmart & Litecoin

In the mid of September 2021, a rumour was revolving in the crypto market that Walmart will partner with Litecoin to accept payments in Bitcoin but later Walmart officials revealed that all news are fake. 

But after that, a survey was conducted that revealed that some of the crypto & Walmart users would like to see if Walmart can accept crypto payments.

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