Weekly Crypto Report (13-19 April 2020) | What Happened This Week in Crypto


Here you will know about the weekly crypto report of last week regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrency events happened all around the world

1 Coinbase CEO Analysis: Americans Using Stimulus Check to Buy Bitcoin

Information disclosed shows that the American people may be paying their coronavirus motivation check on cryptocurrency. A graph shared by Brian Armstrong, CEO of the U. S. Crypto exchange, Coinbase advised that a little part of American locality may be utilizing their coronavirus stimulus check to buy cryptocurrency. On April 17th Armstrong tweeted that the

2 Banks are Freezing User Accounts for Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin users are discussing on Twitter’s account that from last week banks have been bitter about their accounts when they buy BTC. Overview ‘My bank account was frozen today’ Canadian banks block Coinbase BTC purchases BoA blocking top execs’ accounts over Bitcoin. At this moment COVID -19 pandemic is Deathly on the loose even wall [

3 XRP is More Popular than BTC Among eToro Users

Ripple’s native token XRP is more popular than the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin among the UK based exchange eToro. According to the latest quarterly report from the trading platform eToro, XRP is the first choice of investors. 54.5% of total users of eToro has invested in XRP and holds it in their exchange wallets.

4 Binance Launched New Whitepaper for Binance Smart chain

Crypto exchange Binance owns a Binance Chain set forward for adding smart contracts according to the recent white paper. The discharge results, the company to formulate a blockchain that operates in correspondence to the chain, by contract method. Functional offerings set up by Smart contracts lead to tricky transactions held on a blockchain. Mainly manipulated

5 South Africa Recommended Strict Crypto Regulations

South Africa’s financial regulators mentioned cryptocurrency “remain without legal tender status” in a Tuesday instructions guidelines for what would become the country’s first absolute crypto laws. South Africa’s “Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group” (IFWG), the manifesto suggests, the expansion of crypto-asset stratum – one analysis says that 10.7% of South African internet users invest in bitcoin

6 China’s Digital Yuan Testing Start in 4 Cities

Screenshots of a purported pilot version of a wallet app for China’s forthcoming digital yuan are distributed on social media. April 14, Ling Zhang, executive director of M&A, Global Fiat at cryptocurrency exchange Binance shared the images of the testing app. Later CEO and Changpeng Zhao retweeted it. As stated as Ling Zhang, four cities

7 Visa Card Will Give Purchase Rewards in Bitcoin

Visa uplifts Bitcoin 2017, gave Bitcoin a huge platform and boosted its strategy. In a way that Bitcoin got its extraordinary fame. U.S credit card giant Visa uplifted and noted Bitcoin for it’s a chore. San Francisco-based Fold, an app that requests users bitcoin rewards, has joined Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program and plans to