Weekly Crypto Report (23-29 March 2020) | What Happened This Week in Crypto


Here you will know about the weekly crypto report of last week regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrency events happened all around the world

1 Big Korean Bank launched the custody services for cryptocurrencies

Initiative to Crypto Custody Service successfully held by Kookmin which is the largest bank in South Korea, reported on 27 March 2020. The bank has filed A trademark application for “KBDAC” – KB Digital Asset Custody, filled by Bank. The services aim to be continued soon. The Initiative of crypto custody service for bitcoin and 

2 A patent for a crypto mining system is filed by Microsoft

” Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data” Microsoft – leading the World in Information and Technology in various ways, just thinking about different processes of cryptocurrency. Microsoft is planning to enter into virtual currency, a digital asset but with different thinking where computational power can be saved by replacing it with Human Body Energy

3 Brave Browser now allows users to trade directly into browser after Binance partnership

A piece of exciting news for Crypto users trading and management of Cryptocurrency is more easy, secure and faster. An excellent privacy-focused Brave Browser with Biance widget is making trading just on fingertips for users on a first exchange browser (Brave browser), reported on 25 March 2020. March 24,2020 ,San Francisco

4 USA lawmakers introduced ‘Digital Dollar’ Plan for digital payment system

Response to COVID 19, connected the bill,  Mention’s a “digital dollar” previously the U.S. House of Representatives two assembly rooms of Congress were abandoned, reported on 24 March 2020. “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act,” revealed its latest version House Democrats on previous Monday, does not accompany language around a “digital dollar”

5 Mt Gox New update on how Bitcoin will be repaid to creditors

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox’s recently addressed further plan. Mt. Gox creditors are made available draft documents ahead of the bi-annual meeting tomorrow. The document describes the further steps, for the Bitcoin tied up in Mt. Gox, which makes creditor to be backed, reported on 24 March 2020. Documents can be recognized by the creditors here.

6 BitMex Reported on insurance Fund and how it performed on 12 and 13 March

Last few weeks, March 12,13 Bitmex has grabbed a number of questions and queries from our traders related to the role and performance of Bitmex Insurance Funds. here, Bitmex cleared the concept related to working of funds and its utilization, they responded to questions relating to the calculation of size for funds and its flexibility

Paxful Bitcoin Exchange Get partnered with Chainalysis

To ensure the security and privacy for Crypto users, Paxful P2P exchange will operate its operations using blockchain analysis outfit Chainalysis, reported on 23 March 2020. A partnership with Chainalysis will provide an Investigation Software known as Chainalysis Reactor — Explore. Investigate. Take Action. This specific technology from blockchain analysis outfit Chainalysis, “Paxful uses

8 Bitfinex removed 87 trading pairs from its exchange platform

Due to low levels of liquidity, the Bitfinex had to delist the 87 trading pairs from its exchange trading platform, reported on 20 March 2020.  Its response will boost liquidity on Bitfinex, enhance the trading experience for the users and strengthen progress.  From 26/03/20 10:00 AM UTC, the below-listed trading pair will be stopped. The following tokens