Weekly Report (01-07 April) | What Happens This Week in Crypto


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency attract a lot of interest after the massive bull run of December 2017. The adoption of cryptocurrencies is increasing daily. The Bitcoin market is now facing the longest bear market (14 months) in crypto history.

Here is the weekly report of the events happened in crypto.

Best Peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin Exchanges

Following are the oldest and the most trusted Peer to Peer Exchanges which provides the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading desk to buy or sell crypto in your country.

CME Group Reports Highest Trading Volume on Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin reports highest trading futures volume on April 4 as per the CME Group. The CME Group announced that in an official tweet. One of the leading and derivative Market CME group makes a claim that their Bitcoin (BTC) futures contracts have recorded the highest trading volume as on April 4. As per the information.

Whales Accumulate $197 Million in Bitcoin

Whenever anything happens in the Bitcoin market there is only one answer for that “This is Whales Game”. Crypto whales are they really playing with the market or it is just a myth? Who are Crypto Whales? A trader becomes a crypto whale when he accumulates enough coins to control the market to some extent.

Bitcoin Searches Have Tripled After the Pump – Google Report

According to the study by the Google Trends search, the search request for Bitcoin (BTC) has got a dramatic change from roughly 30 searches to 100.

Crypto Exchange Binance confirms setting a Shop in Singapore

Binance to launch a new fiat-to-Crypto exchange in Singapore upcoming this month, announced by the CEO of Binance Changpeng which says..

Binance announced to launch DEX Mainnet in April

Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance has announced to launch the MainNet of Binance Decentralized Trading Platform (DEX) reported on 3 April 2019. Binance DEX will be a separate project then Binance with the separate listing procedure and separate team. Last month, Binance tested the maximum trading volume attempts by doing a trading competition on the DEX Testnet.

Bitcoin Breaks All-Time High Volume touched $89 Billion

Bitcoin bulls are back…………… The daily trading volume of Bitcoin makes a new all-time high in Bitcoin history (since 2010). Today Bitcoin highest recorded volume is $24.9 Billion. Previous all-time high volume is $23.6 billion back in December 2017. Bitcoin is now trading above $5100. December 2017 was the best time in crypto history yet.

Dogecoin price skyrockets after Elon Musk became CEO of Dogecoin

Founder of SpaceX, Billionaire Elon Musk now became the CEO of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency project reported from the twitter on 2 April 2019.

World’s first lightning-enabled Bitcoin ATM launched by Felix Weis at Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

Lightning Network enabled Bitcoin payment ATM is created first time in history by a bitcoin developer Felix Weis at Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong on Lightning Hack Day on 31 March 2019.