Zilliqa will Have Its Own NFT Marketplace

Zilliqa and Switcheo will establish partnership to bring NFTs marketplace on Zilswap.

In the present time, NFTs based market is getting huge attention from the crypto community and also new new projects are coming with their unique ideas. A recent news can be seen where 1inch network announced for the NFTs based series animation. Now this is Zil network, and it is ready to adopt NFTs based marketplace platform directly. 

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Switcheo network confirmed that Switcheo NFTs marketplace launching is coming soon on the Zilswap platform. 

Switcheo is not only a popular platform by name but it is known for their multi purpose platform. They allow many services like minting, storage and trading of non-fungible tokens at their platform. And the Switcheo team claimed that this partnership will bring a big revolution in their services. 

According to the Switcheo team, Switcheo Labs, will bring NFTs marketplace, on Zilliqa, will “more inclusive and accessible NFT ecosystem.”

The novel cross-chain bridge, powered by the Switcheo Network, will also enable the NFTs market place for the interoperability with Ethereum.

The team of Switcheo Network is certain with their new release. They believe that, this partnership will come with huge milestones for both of the platforms.

“As a platform that is well-positioned to capture a significant portion of the NFT space, the new marketplace will serve to further strengthen ZilSwap’s position as the premier platform on Zilliqa”

Team expects that they will release the platform by 15 September 2021. 

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