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Nowadays it is very easy to get your first bitcoin or exchanging bitcoin with fiat anywhere in the world.
Today bitcoin grows so far from its early days due to massive demand and adoption.

Bitcoin ATM is one of the best ways to exchange bitcoin with cash even anonymously.
Today there are a number of Bitcoin ATM providers around the world that make it easy to buy or sell bitcoin with cash. So you will go through a full guide on Bitcoin ATMs in this article.

We will cover the following topics in this article:

1 What is a Bitcoin ATM

A Bitcoin ATM is a Bitcoin Teller Machine that allows people to buy or sell bitcoin with cash anonymously if KYC or identity not provided.

Most of the bitcoin ATMs have bi-directional functionality in which users can buy bitcoin with cash as well as can sell bitcoin for cash through bitcoin ATM.

The World’s first bitcoin ATM machine was launched on 30 October 2013 in the Waves coffee shop in downtown Vancouver, Canada.

2 Find Bitcoin ATM Near Me

Find Bitcoin ATM Near Me
Find Bitcoin ATM

Finding a bitcoin ATM near you by walking around is not really a convenient way as it is very difficult as well as it wastes your important time a lot.

You do not need to worry much as we are here always to help you.

You can easily find a bitcoin ATM near you in just seconds by using even your smartphone.

You just need to use the following websites which help you to find a bitcoin ATM near you. These websites allow you to search a bitcoin ATM near you by which you can trace the location of the ATM by using the provided map.

So let’s discuss the best websites that help you to find bitcoin ATM near you.
These are as follows:

1. Coin ATM Radar (Recommended)


The easiest and most recommended website for finding bitcoin ATM near me is CoinATMRadar. It uses online tools to search, locate and trace the bitcoin ATMs throughout the world with almost more than 60 countries.

The CoinATMRadar services are totally free for everyone to use. It displays you the list of all ATMs available around you with all details regarding them like fees, location, supplier name, etc.

CoinATMRadar displays you the following information for a bitcoin ATM near you:

  • Company or Supplier Name
  • Nearby Bitcoin ATM location
  • The main location of bitcoin ATM placed
  • Open time for bitcoin ATM
  • Supporting Cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies
  • Supported Operations like buy, sell
  • Bitcoin ATM Type
  • Status and Feedbacks
  • Operator Details
  • Limits and Verifications details
  • Also gives you directions to visit bitcoin ATM from your current location

Guidelines to find bitcoin ATM near me using the Coin ATM Radar:

First of all, You need to Visit the CoinATMRadar Website

Now there are two ways available on their website to find the bitcoin ATM near me. These two methods are:

  1. Bitcoin ATM Map Search Box
  2. Use My Current Location Tab

Bitcoin ATM Map Search Box allows users to search by countries, cities and by any address where they wanted to search bitcoin ATMs.
This search will results you a list of all bitcoin ATMs available on the provided location or address.

Use My Current Location tab feature will automatically show you the list of ATMs available nearby you, please keep in mind that your GPS is turned ON into your device.

Bitcoin ATM Search on Coin ATM Radar
Bitcoin ATM Search on Coin ATM Radar

CoinATMRadar also provides users the embedded Google MAP integration on their website which allows you to find bitcoin ATMs near you and to find directions for a bitcoin ATM from your location.
You can also find Bitcoin ATMs by using the search feature on the top-left corner of the MAP where you can search Bitcoin ATMs by country, city and by any address or location that you want.
See the picture below how this MAP looks like:

Mobile Apps

CoinATMRadar also provides mobile apps by which you can use their services more easily and in a better way by using your smartphone.
You can download the apps from the following links:
For IOS app – click here
For Android app – click here

There are some tutorials provided by the CoinATMRadar to help the new users in order to use their services to find ‘bitcoin ATM near me’.

CoinATMRadar also provides the tutorials to guide users about how to use bitcoin and bitcoin ATMs.
How To Start Bitcoin Trading? Beginner’s Guide by Bitcoinik

Why CoinATMRadar is Recommended?

We recommend everyone to use CoinATMRadar to find bitcoin ATM near you due to the following reasons:

  • All the ATMs throughout the world are listed with details on a single Bitcoin ATM map
  • Easy to use search options to find bitcoin ATMs for any address or location
  • You can locate bitcoin ATM near you just by clicking Use My Current Location tab or button.
  • All the important detailed information is provided for every ATM including user reviews and feedbacks that can help you to choose best-fit bitcoin ATM for you and to do successful transactions with safety.
  • If you are new to a place and didn’t know the directions there then CoinATMRadar will provide you the directions to the bitcoin ATM near you from your current location.
  • It allows you to find bitcoin ATMs as well as other cryptocurrencies ATMs throughout the world.

2. Bitcoin Depot


If you are in the US and wanted to search a bitcoin ATM near you in the United States of America (USA) then you can use the Bitcoin Depot website for it.
Yes, Bitcoin Depot is also allowing people to find the bitcoin ATMs near you but only in the United States (US).

Bitcoin Depot services are also good as it also provides details about ATMs and locates them on the map but it is not better than the above-discussed CoinATMRadar, also Bitcoin Depot can not work out of US.

Bitcoin ATMs in the US
Bitcoin ATMs in the US

3. Others

  • CoinMe: Coinme is a bitcoin ATM supplier and it also allows you to find bitcoin ATM near you on their website where you can find coinme bitcoin ATMs near you.
  • DigitalMint: DigitalMint is also a bitcoin ATM supplier and it also allows you to find bitcoin ATM near you on their website where you can find digital mint bitcoin ATMs near you.

3 Bitcoin ATM Locations

Following is the state-wise list of bitcoin ATM locations in the United States of America (USA) by DigitalMint ATM supplier.

  1. Arizona
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Delaware
  5. Florida
  6. Georgia
  7. Iowa
  8. Illinois
  9. Indiana
  10. Massachusetts
  11. Michigan
  12. Minnesota
  13. Mississippi
  14. Missouri
  15. Montana
  16. Nebraska
  17. Nevada
  18. New Jersey
  19. New Mexico
  20. North Dakota
  21. Pennsylvania
  22. Texas
  23. Virginia
  24. Wisconsin

4 How Does a Bitcoin ATM Work?

A Bitcoin ATM works almost the same as the daily ATM you use just like Bank’s Fiat ATMs work.

But there are also a few differences available in the bitcoin ATMs as follows:

  • During buying bitcoin from bitcoin ATM you need to insert your cash and then you will get your bitcoins into your bitcoin wallet.
  • In fiat ATM you need to insert credit/debit card to get cash but in bitcoin ATM you need to send bitcoin by scanning QR code on the Bitcoin ATM machine in order to get cash from it.

Bitcoin ATMs are mostly working in an anonymous way where your privacy is 100% safe and secure but you must not provide your personal identity or KYC information while using a bitcoin ATM.

5 How to use a Bitcoin ATM

How to use a Bitcoin ATM
Use Bitcoin ATM

Using a bitcoin ATM is as much easy as using any other ATM. The structure and user interface of every ATM is may be different but the process of using them is almost the same for all.

The process of buying bitcoin is the following:

  1. Select the option “Buy Bitcoin”.
  2. Place the QR code of your bitcoin address on the bitcoin ATM scanner in order to scan your receiving bitcoin address.
  3. In some bitcoin ATMs, you also need to provide your personal identity information for verification but in some, you didn’t.
  4. Now you need to enter the amount of bitcoin that you wanted to buy.
  5. Insert the required amount of cash into the bitcoin ATM.
  6. Bitcoin ATM takes a while to process your transaction, so wait until your transaction is processed.
  7. Now check and confirm your balance in your bitcoin wallet and also confirm the transaction on the bitcoin ATM.

The process of selling bitcoin on the bitcoin ATM is shown below:

  1. Select the option “Sell Bitcoin”.
  2. Now enter the amount of bitcoin you wanted to sell for cash.
  3. The bitcoin ATM will display a QR code of bitcoin address to deposit bitcoin, so you can scan the QR code or use the provided bitcoin address and then send the required amount of bitcoin to this bitcoin address of bitcoin ATM.
  4. Wait for the transaction to be processed or confirmed by the Bitcoin ATM.
  5. After confirmation, the bitcoin ATM will provide you your cash through the machine cash outlet.
  6. Collect your cash carefully and enjoy it.

7 Advantages of using a Bitcoin ATM

  • Easy to Use: Bitcoin ATM is very easy to use due to its simple design and very convenient to buy or sell bitcoin.
  • Good Anonymity or Privacy: Bitcoin ATM is the coolest way to buy or sell bitcoin anonymously. Your privacy is 100% secure while using bitcoin ATM until or unless you will not provide your personal information or KYC.
  • Fast: You can buy or sell bitcoin instantly by using bitcoin ATM.

8 Disadvantages of using a Bitcoin ATM

  • High Fees: Using a bitcoin ATM is very costly due to the high fee of around 8-9%. For high amount transactions, you may lose your huge amount of funds in just fee.
  • Location Issue: As bitcoin ATMs are located only some fix places, so there may be chances that you will not get access easily if the ATM is located far from you and you may also will not ATMs everywhere you go.
  • Rate Issue: This is also a big issue as every bitcoin ATM uses different exchanges and websites by which they provide the market rates for bitcoin on their bitcoin ATM that maybe not suitable for you.
  • Possibility of being scammed: In 2017, many people of New York city got scammed of the total worth of $340k by a bitcoin ATM. So you must use bitcoin ATMs of only reputed companies or suppliers as provided above.
  • Hacking Issue: Bitcoin ATMs are simply computer machines that can be hacked by malware attacks, cyber-attacks and maybe by something else. Hence use them with cautions.

9 Conclusion

Bitcoin ATM is the most convenient and simple way to buy/sell bitcoin instantly even anonymously or privately.

You can easily find a bitcoin ATM location near you by using the above-provided information.

10 FAQs

What are the Average Fees for Bitcoin ATMs?

– The average fee for the bitcoin ATMs is roughly around 7-8% that varies for every supplier and also depends on your country or location.

Can I buy bitcoin with no ID?

-Yes, you can buy bitcoin almost anonymously through bitcoin ATM with cash without providing your identity or KYC.

Is it safe to buy bitcoin using ATM?

-Yes, bitcoin ATM is a machine that works honestly as per the instructions provided to it, but you must confirm the legibility of bitcoin ATM by checking users’ reviews, and the best way is to test the bitcoin ATM with a small amount transaction first.

NOTE: We prefer everyone to do your own research and do not follow blindly any source of information. We do not provide any financial advice for trading and investing anywhere, so we are not responsible for any loss or profit. Our main motive is to provide the best possible legit information to the readers, so our all provided content is for information purposes only.