Collapse of the Terra ecosystem was reason for Vasil Hardfork delay, says Cardano founder


The Chief executive officer of IOHK explained the main reason behind the delay in Cardano blockchain’s new Hardfork.

Cardano is an 8th-ranked crypto project, by 24 hours trade volume of its native token ADA. Cardano launched in the crypto industry as the biggest rival Ethereum blockchain. This month, Cardano blockchain was scheduled to go under Vasil Hardfork to bring huge numbers of features to add pipelines in Cardano blockchain but now it is rescheduled to next month. 

Recently Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano blockchain & its developer team IOHK, appeared on his official YouTube channel live video session to give brief details regarding delay in the Cardano blockchain upgrade plan. 

Hoskinson said that rescheduling Vasil Hardfork by a month was decided to give more time for the testers to test the code. Cardano founder confirmed that code is ready but team want to remain under the full safe zone and it is because the recent Terra ecosystem collapse, which was a lesson.

Cardano founder said:

“We’re code-complete and what code-complete effectively means is you probably could flip the switch and get away with it. And certain projects would do that.”

Hoskinson Explained that “what happened after the collapse of Terra (LUNA) is that I gave a directive to a lot of the engineers to say we should probably measure three times and cut once, given the nature of things.

As all of us know very well that the Cardano blockchain always remains under the radar of critics and has always been criticized many times on behalf of the fuds, so if any small bug will cause a small issue then fuds may further create a situation like Terra’ UST & Luna coin crash.

Overall we can say that the Cardano project team believes that the current situation is highly crucial for this crypto industry and small mistakes may act as catalyst to a worse situation for the whole industry. 

Besides all these things, Cardano’s founder confirmed that the team tested the Plutus suite and additional works to ensure the quality of the code from every aspect properly. 

Earlier this, on Monday of this week, IOHK, the developer team behind Cardano, published a blog regarding the delay of Vasil Hardfork and confirmed that there are some minor bugs and also testors want more time to find out significant bugs so that Hardfork can go more smoothly without any issue.

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