Elon Musk says people want me to support Dogecoin so I’m doing so


Tesla CEO shared many facts about his relationship with Dogecoin in the crypto & non-crypto industry during an interview with Bloomberg.

Elon Musk is the richest person in this world with his net worth, thanks to his contribution to the leading tech companies like Tesla, SpaceX, etc. Since 2019, Elon is actively & eagerly supporting Dogecoin, Bitcoin & Ethereum. Tesla CEO believes that Dogecoin is the best cryptocurrency to make crypto transactions, while Ethereum & Bitcoin are the best stores of value as an investment assets. 

Recently Elon Musk appeared in an interview with Bloomberg Markets and Finance with editor-in-chief John Micklethwait. Through the interview, Elon explained why he keeps promoting Dogecoin.

Elon said that majority of the people want Elon to support Dogecoin and this is a big reason for him to promote and support this coin. 

Tesla CEO explained:

“I intend to personally support Dogecoin because I just know a lot of people who are not that wealthy who have encouraged me to buy and support Dogecoin, so I’m responding to those people, just people that walk around the factory at SpaceX or Tesla. They’ve asked me to support Dogecoin so I’m doing so.”

Tesla’s CEO also asserted that he never advised people to invest in any cryptocurrency but his company and he invested in Bitcoin in a very small percentage, which is not a significant amount for his company. 

Further, Elon confirmed that his private aerospace agency SpaceX will accept payments in Dogecoin in the future as Tesla Merchs accepts.

“I also bought some Dogecoin and Tesla accepts Dogecoin for some merchandise and SpaceX will do the same…”

Lawsuit against Elon Musk

Around a week ago, a lawsuit has been filed by a billionaire Johnson against Elon Musk. Through the lawsuit, Plaintiff claimed that Elon tried to use his popularity to promote the Dogecoin Ponzi scheme. 

Johnson urged the court to certify the case as a class-action lawsuit and he is seeking $86 billion in damages for the class, plus treble damages of $172 billion. 

Probably such statements by Elon regarding his advice not to invest in crypto are coming because of that lawsuit.

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