Crypto Events in March , Fundamental Analysis


Fundamental Analysis for the Cryptocurrency Market which is likely to occur in March 2019.

March 2019 Cryptocurrency Events :

Insolar – March 04, Testnet v1.1
Monero – March 09, Hardfork for ASIC resistance
Einsteinium (EMC2) – March 11th Block Halvening
Tron Coin (TRX) – March 11th Airdrop BTT tokens to TRX Holders
Theta Token – 12 March 2019, Theta Fuel Distribution
Bitcoin (XBT) – 13 March 2019, Cboe XBT Expiration Date
Einsteinium (EMC2) – 14 March, “Full EMC2 FORK ‘Blue Paper’ and Timelines to be released on March 14th, Einstein’s birthday.”
Theta Token – March 15th Mainnet launch
Wanchain (WAN) – 19 March 2019, Mainnet launch
AION Token19 March 2019, Mainnet launch
Steem – March 24th mainnet launch
Bitcoin – 29 March 2019, CME: March Last Trade Last trade of Bitcoin futures contract for March, 29th 2019. Trading terminates at 4 PM GMT.
QuarkChain (QKC) – March 31st mainnet, 31 March 2019 (or earlier) Smart Wallet 1.0
WePower (WPR) – 31 March 2019 (or earlier) Platform Beta & Auctions
Request Network (REQ) – 31 March 2019 (or earlier) Mainnet v2.0 “V2.0 will be publicly released once completed and successfully integrated with an app. We estimate the release to happen during Q1 2019.”
DADI (DADI) – 31 March 2019 (or earlier) DADI Store Network-Ready The first release of the network-ready version of DADI Store, our cloud storage solution for all types of data, with built-in security, privacy and.

Desktop Apps

Application to allow connection of Mac/PC laptop and desktop devices to the DADI network and the ability to earn tokens.

Nucleus Vision – March 31st North American product launch 25,000 ION sensors
Stellar (XLM) – 31 March 2019 (or earlier) Minor Release “We will have 6 Minor Releases in 2019; one each in February, March, May, June, August, and October.”
Dent – March 31st – adding SMS into the dapps and voice telephony
Enigma – March 31st testnet release
Iotex – march 31st mainnet alpha
Mainframe – March 31st initial platform release
Aelf – March 31st mainnet launch
QLC – March 31st mainnet launch
Aeron – march 31st mobile wallet launch
OST – March 31st mainnet beta 
Mithril – March 31st vault payment launch
DGD – March 31st governance platform launch

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