This Week in Crypto (March 04-10) Weekly Report


Good things are coming daily for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. The positive news has a great effect in the long term.

Here is a short Summary of What Happened This Week in Crypto

Bitcoin is now in the longest bear market (14 months) in crypto history. The bears hit very hard and almost all coins are down by more than 80 percent. 
Each time Bitcoin has crashed 70%+ the following cycle peak has been 5x-17x times higher than the previous. If that happens again then the next all-time high will be roughly $102,000 – $336,000.
The New Zealand based Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia is now live in read-only mode. Users can log in and check their balances reported by tweet on 4 March 2019.
The read-only site is live now and users can change password and 2fa for better security. The balance shown is the same as 14 Jan and the accounts were affected by the hacks are restored again.
Starbucks received significant equity in Bakkt in return for a commitment to allow bitcoin payments in store in 2019 [GENESIS] via i_woodford reported by The Block Crypto on 4 March 2019.
Celer Network is a leading layer-2 scaling platform that enables fast, easy and secure off-chain transactions for not only payment transactions, but also generalized off-chain smart contract.
Binance already verified this ico and will launch it on 19 March at 2:00 pm UTC.
  • Fidelity Will Add Support for Ethereum Later
Tom said that initially, the cryptocurrency platform supports only Bitcoin (BTC) however more crypto coins will be added later this year that fulfils the terms of the firm and have good demand and supply ratio.
Finally, the QuadrigaCX exchange mystery is solved. Experts traced the cold wallets and revealed that the money is gone. Millions of dollars have vanished after the death of the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange.
Delphi Digital a research firm published a deep analysis report on Ethereum (ETH). The report indicates Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin in the next crypto bull run.
Ethereum is now trading at $136 and has marketcap of $14 billion dollars. Ethereum has the potential to break its previous all-time high of $1500.

Long Bitcoin, Dump the Shitcoins