former CIA Edward explained why he is not interested in meme coins


Edward Snowden, the former CIA subcontractor, explained precisely why they are not inclined toward the crypto assets based on the meme coin concepts. 

In the present time, meme coins are in the trend. However this trend of the meme coins ( Shiba inu, FLOKI, Dogelon, Dogecoin) plunged significantly but still, people are not lagging behind the adoption as a long-term investment.

Edward Snowden, the former CIA subcontractor, clarified his stance on the meme coins and explained why many crypto investors are doing mistakes with the Dogecoin investment. 

38-year-old Edward said that he has a very poor sense of humour and that’s why he doesn’t like meme coins ( Dogecoin, Shiba inu). And this is the main reason for him to remain away from such coins investment.

According to Edward, many crypto investors are investing in these coins for the long term but surely they will face huge financial pain in the future.

By quoting the message of the Dogecoin’ past developer Billy Markus, Edward wrote 

“Leave the nice dog man alone. I’ve never been a fan of any flavour of dog money, because a) I am a humourless scold and b) I think a lot of earnest people will mistake it for an investment and get hurt, but Billy has IMO always tried hard to be a positive voice”

However, all these words of Edward were not against Billy Markus. He said that Billy is a positive voice in the crypto community. 

And also asserted that they respect those people who are doing work on funny things to make more serious projects. 

And also, without taking anyone’s name, Edward targeted the venture capitalists, who criticized bitcoin to promote their centralized shitcoins. 

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