Hoskinson Trying To Push Cardano In El Salvador To Adopt As Legal Currency

Charles Hoskinson is trying to convince the El Salvador government to use Cardano’s project native coin ADA in their financial infrastructure.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output Global, claimed that they are in contact with El Salvador’s government authorities regarding the use of Cardano in their financial infrastructure.

“Yes, we have been in talks with some officials and parties in El Salvador, and I may do a state visit. We sent out all the documentation and requests for that, so we’ll meet the President. But it’s basically going to be in their hands…”

Charles Hoskinson

So through his official statement we can see that Mr. Hoskinson is trying their best through full legal procedure but everything is in the hands of El Salvador’s government authorities to adopt Cardano ( ADA coin). 

No doubt if the El Salvadoran government will accept ADA, even gold like assets as a mode of investment then it will be a better decision than adoption of Bitcoin as legal currency.

Well all these assumptions can be done by our side. Everything is in the hands of the government of El Salvador.

Here we can see the recent report of Cardano adoption deal with Ethiopia and Tanzania to roll out blockchain infrastructure in their financial services related to education and internet connectivity.

But here in this recent struggle, the Cardano project is trying to be a legal currency of El Salvador so that people can use it like fiat currency.

Opinion Of Cardano Team About Blockchain

Many times Charles Hoskinson criticized Bitcoin and also Ethereum for traditional technology. 

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And also they said that Blockchain technology doesn’t mean only bitcoin.

There are many possible things that we can do with the use of blockchain technology.

But here with the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum like assets will not expand the use of potential blockchain technology.

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