Weekly Crypto Report (04-10 Nov 2019) | What Happened This Week in Crypto

Here you will know about the weekly crypto report of last week regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrency events happened all around the world.

1 China Removes Bitcoin Mining From Its BanList

China removes the bitcoin mining from the ban list of industries, and now the bitcoin mining industry has no restrictions or danger from the regulatory department of china, reported on 06 November 2019. According to the report, it is confirmed from the information given in the newly published edition of Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog

2 Telegram Launched Test Gram Wallet Without SEC Approval

The encrypted peer to peer messaging application Telegram has launched the test wallet for its native cryptocurrency GRAM token. Telegram has launched the wallet for Windows, iOS and Linux users. Users can download the gram wallet from the official website. The wallet works on the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain. After installing the wallet users 

3 XLM Burns 55 Billion Coins That Equals Approx Half Of Its Supply

Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) just announced that it successfully burns the 55 billion coins of XLM that is approximately equivalent to half of its supply, reported on 04 November 2019. In order to burn the XLM coins, the SDF send them to a Stellar account with no signers (including a master key weight of 0): 

4 Volvo: Cobalt Used In Car Batteries Will Be Recorded On Blockchain

Volvo Cars Company announced that the Cobalt used in the electric car batteries will be recorded or tracked on the blockchain, reported on 06 November 2019. According to the report, this new announcement of the use of blockchain traceable Cobalt is followed by Volvo’s first fully electric car named the XC40 Recharge announcement that was

5 SelfKey Pumped To 118% On Binance in Just 30 Minutes

The selfKey (Key) token has been pumped to 118% on the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance in just 30 minutes. Why SelfKey Price Pumped? There is no big update or news came about the Selfkey project but price pumped heavily on the binance exchange which was totally manipulation of whales. The rapid pump dump results in 

6 Huobi Exchange Will Seize The Accounts Of US Users On 13 November

The Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Global announced to seize the accounts of all US users on 13 November, reported on 04 November 2019. According to the report, The Huobi Exchange reported that the US users are restricted to use its trading services on their exchange platform as per its user agreement. That’s why the accounts

7 Craig Wright is Out of Funds for Kleinman Case Settlement

The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright has no funds for the settlement of Kleinman Case. The David Kleinman Case order Craig Wright to pay 500,000 BTC ($4.5 billion), Craig Wright informed the plaintiff that he cannot pay the amount. The court reached on a conclusion that the case is settled by an agreement that 

8 Bittrex Hacked Using SIM Swap And $1 Million Stolen By Criminals

Most popular US-regulated bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex hacked by using the SIM swap technique and criminals stole the 100 Bitcoins that worth almost $1 million at the time of the hack, reported on 04 November 2019. As per the report, the hacker attacked on a high profile victim’s mobile phone and then by seizing