Weekly Crypto Report (17-23 Feb 2020) | What Happened This Week in Crypto


Here you will know about the weekly crypto report of last week regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrency events happened all around the world

1 Binance Launched B2B2C Cloud That Allows Users To Launch Own Crypto Exchange

World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced to launch the Binance Cloud platform that allows users to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange, reported on 17 February 2019. As per the binance report, the Binance Cloud will provide an infrastructure solution to the users and partners in order to help them to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange

2 Paxful Hacked or Bug? Bitcoin is Selling at 34 Lakh ($48,000) on Paxful

Paxful is a peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin exchange that will allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin for more than 100 payment options. Bitcoinik team just reported that the rate of 1 Bitcoin is now more than 34 Lakh INR ($48,000) on Paxful. You can clearly see in the above screenshot that the price of

3 Binance Will Support the Cardano (ADA) Hardfork

The Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency blockchain network will perform a scheduled upgrade on 20 Feb to introduce Ouroboros BFT, an improved consensus mechanism. The Cardano (ADA) network will undergo a hard fork however the team called it a scheduled and managed protocol upgrade. IOHK has announced on 19 Feb that the ADA coin hard fork

4 The world is not ready for stablecoins – or is it?

According to recent reports, most of the governments of sovereign nations are not thinking about the issues that stablecoins may cause domestic monetary and fiscal policies. In fact, many governments are so unprepared that their only plan of action is to simply ban these stablecoins altogether and implement regulations that others come up in the

5 Sweden’s Central Bank Start Testing of Digital Cryptocurrency e-Krona

The central bank of Sweden Sveriges Riksbank starts testing its digital cryptocurrency named e-krona. This move take it closer to become the first country to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The central bank said on 20 Feb that the e-krona is used as an alternative for cash and will be used, deposited 

6 Binance Is Not Regulated Or Licensed In Malta, Confirms Malta Regulator

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance is not regulated or licensed in Malta as the country’s chief financial authority, reported on 21 February 2019. According to the report, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) stated that Binance has never authorized by the MFSA and never allowed to operate in the cryptocurrency space, which means it is not regulated

7 Bitcoin (BTC) Price Major Update: $8000 or $11,000?

Bitcoin is now trading at $9700 and see a $1000 drop on Wednesday (19 Feb). Bitcoin is looking very bullish on charts before the drop happens and now the market sentiments are little bearish. Let’s do a full Bitcoin price prediction on all time frames. Bitcoin Price Prediction on Daily Chart Bitcoin is taking strong

8 Binance Announced To Airdrop 50,000 BNB To Its Traders

Word’s largest cryptocurrency exchange binance announced to airdrop 50,000 BNB (~$1million) to its traders, reported on 22 February 2020. According to the report, Binance giving away a total of 50,000 BNB to its users who will do trading on their spot, margin, and futures trading platform from 24 February to 27 February ( UTC )