What is Keylogger? How To Prevent, Detect and Remove a Keylogger?


1 What is Keylogger

Keylogger is a computer program that runs on your computer to record all the keystrokes you make on your computer’s keyboard and stored them into a log file which is usually encrypted.

It is a type of malware that can be either software or hardware which steals your all-important information typed from your keyboard like username, password, and credit card details.

2 Types of Keyloggers

Types of Keyloggers
Hardware Keylogger

Keyloggers are available mainly in two types of forms. One is a Software keylogger and another one is a hardware keylogger.

The software keylogger is commonly used by the majority of people as it is harder to detect.

Software Keylogger

It contains a software program that can be installed secretly on your computer by an attacker.

It can be downloaded into your computer by an attacker through a phishing attack or by accessing your computer remotely.

Older software keylogger only records the activities on the keyboard but today’s modern updated keylogger software has the ability to capture the screenshots as well as clipboard text.

Hardware Keylogger

It contains a specialized USB cable or a chip connected to a computer or keyboard physically. It records all the keystrokes from the keyboard into the connected chip.

As Hardware Keylogger device is connected physically with your computer or laptop which can be detected and removed very easily from your computer.

If you are using the wireless keyboard then it can be intercepted by wireless keyloggers.

3 How To Detect and Remove a Keylogger

  • The easiest way to detect the keylogger in your computer is to check every program running in your task manager. Remove any undesirable software found running into your computer.
  • The second best way to find keylogger is to check under the startup tab. If you found any keylogger there, then remove it instantly from your computer permanently.
  • Another important way to detect the keylogger is to check the report of internet data usage by the programs in your computer. If you find any undesirable program which is using your internet data then remove it from your computer instantly.
  • Check all the browser extensions installed in your web browser. Uninstall or remove if any found undesirable.
  • If you think that you weren’t able to find a keylogger in your computer and you are in doubt that there is some running into your computer then reinstall your operating system as it wipes out the all the unwanted software running in your pc.