Xiaomi Company Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

Xiaomi’s purtgal based branch will accept crypto payments to sell their services like mobile & another devices. Company claimed that they are advance that why they are taking these steps.

Recently a rumour was spreading in the crypto community that Amazon company will accept crypto payments but Amazon company denied all these rumours. But now another online company Xiaomi which is famous for their better smartphones & acccesorires devices officially stated that they are going to accept crypto payments. 

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Company stated

“We are a technologically advanced, forward-thinking, and disruptive brand. That is why we strive to always be one step ahead. We want to enable all true technology enthusiasts to purchase their favorite gadgets using what is currently referred to as “the most technological money.”

Xiaomi’s purtgal branch will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash coin & USDT. They are doing their these operations under the partnership with Swiss cryptocurrency payment service provider Utrust, whose native token is also accepted at Mi Store Portugal.

Since Xiaomi is a Chinese company. And as all of us knows very well that China banned Crypto mining & trading both. But here Xiaomi is accepting crypto payments in Purtgal branch. Purtgal is crypto friendly rigion. And government also planning to legalise crypto assets so that they can provide better regualtory framework to protect their citizens from any type of fraud.

Adoption of crypto assets by such companies which have market more than apple like company, indicates that high level companies understand well about the actual potential of crypto.

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