Twitter announced its blockchain & crypto team


Twitter announced its blockchain, crypto and NFTs development team to dive into this industry.

Twitter is a popular social media platform and this platform is popularly known as the hub of crypto traders, investors and influencers. Recently, Twitter added a Bitcoin tipping feature to the Twitter platform and also announced the creation of a decentralized Bitcoin mining network to make bitcoin mining easy just like plugging the GPU into a PC. Now, Twitter is going to enter in blockchain & crypto industry with more potential. 

On 10 November, Twitter announced its blockchain team. The main initiative of the team is to bring the development work to the NFTs, Crypto & Blockchain. And more importantly, the development work will not remain limited to financial services. So teamwork will remain inclined to the developing solutions for crypto, dapps, and DeFi. 

Tess Rinearson will lead the blockchain team of twitter. Tess wrote about it on Twitter on the same day. 

In the past, Tess worked in popular blockchain firms like, the Interchain Foundation, and Cosmos. And also she was involved in the development of the Tendermint Core. 

According to reports, Twitter’s new team will work on the high scale development and improvement in the bitcoin tipping feature and also they will work on the Proof- Of- Identify Consensus-based development work in the NFTs based protocol. 

Reports also claimed that the team will work in the Dapps and other identity-oriented solutions, asset ownership, and community building. However no, job hiring can be seen but still, Tess tweeted that any interested person can join them and if anyone is interested then he/she can do DM.

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