World’s first lightning-enabled Bitcoin ATM launched by Felix Weis at Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

Lightning Network enabled Bitcoin payment ATM is created first time in history by a bitcoin developer Felix Weis at Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong on Lightning Hack Day on 31 March 2019.

Felix Weis described the working of Lightning-enabled Bitcoin ATM by purchasing the Bitcoin through the ATM off the chain by cash.

This ATM has two options, one for on-chain and second is for off-chain (Lightning Network).

You can fund your bitcoin lightning wallet through this ATM by purchasing Bitcoins from Cash.

This ATM shows how the lightning network is easy to use, fast and more scalable.

Lightning Network capacity crossed the 1000 BTC in just one year.

Lightning nodes are increasing day to day by which lightning network is growing worldwide.

Bitcoin developers are working hard for the implementation and mass adoption of lightning network throughout the world for the use in regular payments by people.

Lightning Network where transactions occurred off the chain is the perfect solution for bitcoin scaling and mass adoption.

Lightning transactions are very fast and cheap, the lightning network can handle millions transactions per second.

Last week, Lightning labs announced the launch of a new feature on lightning known as the lightning loop.

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